Five Steps to Restart After the Long Weekend

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We are sure we’re not the only ones who woke up a little groggy this morning. If you are feeling the aftereffects of a busy, fun-packed weekend follow our five steps to get back on track and ready for the week ahead. 

Step One: Drink water and plenty of it. If you have over indulged over the weekend, your body will be in need of some hydration.  If you’re finding it hard to increase your water intake add some fresh fruit like slices of lemon or oranges to you water. Make sure to bring a bottle with you wherever you go over the next few days and keep filling it up, your body will thank you for it later. water

Step Two: Meal Prep. As soon as you can get to the supermarket and do a big shop. Plan your meals for the next few days and go to the shop with a list of everything you need. Another great tip is to add fibre into the mix – foods high in fibre likes pulses, fruit and vegetables are great for helping your digestive system get back on track. 

meal prep

Step Three: Get up and get moving. The best way to return to normality is get back active. Don’t put off the gym or the jog. You might be tired but a workout, no matter how short, is the best thing you can do to get your energy levels back up and help you feel better, happier and fresher. Sweat it out, you know you’ll be glad you did it once its done! 


Step Four: Get a good night’s sleep. Get to bed early tonight and try and replenish all those lost hours. The workout earlier will help you fall asleep quicker. 


Step Five: Lose the Monday Blues – This may be the Mondayist Tuesday of all time but let’s not wallow. Stick  on some happy tunes, catch-up with your colleagues and get stuck in.


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